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100% Pure
Kona Estate Coffee


Limit On Sales Until Next Harvest.
One Bag per order per Grade.
Please limit your orders to once every 30 days minimum.
Thank you for your understanding.

We're trying to sell a little bit to everyone rather than sell out. We hope to replenish in September.

Here's what happened:

Curious harvest last season. Yield was very low in spite of lots of rain and tremendous healthy growth of the trees. Consulted with the County Agricultural Agent who confirmed that our orchard looked great and that it was nothing we did wrong.

It turns out that lots of farmers here experienced the same lower yeild. There was so much rain that the trees never got really stressed. Coffee trees need stress to promote flowering. Less flowering means fewer beans. Go figure.

The good news is that we did harvest were mostly the larger beans, Extra Fancy & Fancy. The cupping is excellent with a definite increase in "brightness" followed by our usual chocolate and peachy undertones.

We now look forward to the next season. Orchard has been pruned and we've had a couple of flowerings already. We'll be selling our coffee until it runs out. Before you know it harvest will be here again.

A Hui Ho!

What's the difference between Fancy, Peaberry, Estate, etc.? It's size & quality that matter in coffee grading. Check out the standards here.
Same size beans in the roaster result in a better roast. There are subtle differences in cupping, but it's all great tasting coffee.

We Won!
The 2019 Holualoa Coffee & Arts Stroll kicks-off the Kona Coffee Cultural Fest. People visited over 20 coffee vendors and voted for their favorites. Locally renowned chefs did their tastings too.

Mr. Bean Kona Coffee placed 1st as the People's Choice and 2nd as Chef's Choice. Thank you to all who came and supported us!

2016 Cream of the Crop
Chef's Choice Silver

People's Choice

What Makes Our Coffee So Good?

Mr. Bean Kona Coffee is a small family-owned farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. We produce estate coffee. Comparable to estate wines, estate coffee is grown and processed on just one farm.

With just over an acre of coffee we can do the hands-on work that the bigger growers can't. Visitors to the farm are amazed at the amount of labor our family puts into the coffee making process.

People ask us what's in Mr. Bean Kona Coffee that makes it so smooth. The answer is often what's not in it.

Key for us is the visual inspection of each bean after harvest. That's right, each bean. We (family, not hired help, not a big machine) sit in front of small baskets, for as long as it takes, to inspect all our beans. We remove any bean we see with a defect.

Larger growers have to use mechanical means to reduce defects because they produce so much. We're very inefficient in our method business-wise, but we beat'em hands down in quality


A beautiful convergence of conditions comes together on our farm. Located on the slope of volcano Mt. Hualalai - our 1200 ft. elevation, rich volcanic soil, sunny mornings, and rain-misted afternoons, nourish and pamper the beans. Our special original orchard of coffee Arabica variety Kona typica trees, was started from saplings of coffee trees that existed on the farm for many years. Unique special hives of bees service our orchard.

Producing premium artesian coffee is a lot of work, and we are passionate about the quality of each step. Picking, sorting, and inspection of each harvest are all done by hand. Expert roasting ensures a consistently enjoyable product.

When we hand picked our first cherries from our hand-cultivated trees, we knew we had something outstanding. Inspecting that luscious cherry we exclaimed, "Hello, Mr. Bean!" We sampled the results and exclaimed, "Wow, this coffee is exceptional, this coffee has character!" Our product had named itself! So say hi to Mr. Bean Kona Coffee, "The Coffee With Character"!




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